Why am I seeing a document limit?
  • 21 Jun 2023
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Why am I seeing a document limit?

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If you have a Free, Starter, or Professional plan, you may encounter a limit when trying to create new documents. A notification will let you know that your account is over quota.

To bypass this limit, you must upgrade your plan. For more information on what each plan offers, check out this article: Which plan is right for me?

What happens if I exceed the document limit?

If you exceed the document limit for your plan, documents above the limit will be marked with a banner that says Locked and nobody will be able to view them. You can unlock a document by archiving other documents until you are under the limit for your plan.


Why am I seeing a limit on the Team plan?

Team plans allow for unlimited documents, but customers will sometimes unexpectedly encounter a limit. This often happens when the customer has both a personal plan and is a member of a Team plan. 

Team members may encounter a document limit if they try to create a prototype or board on their personal account rather than on the Team plan. To create a prototype or board on a Team plan, check out this article: How do I create a prototype if I'm on a Team plan?

If you create a prototype under the Team plan, you will notice that—rather than you owning the prototype in your personal account—the prototype belongs to the Team plan owner by default. This is to ensure that all members of the team can access the prototype via the Team account.

Existing personal prototypes can be manually transferred to the team at any time. The team member will need to enter the team owner’s email address when performing the transfer.

To access your team's prototypes or boards, navigate to the Documents page. At the top left, click the My Documents drop-down, and select the appropriate team.


Return to your personal account by clicking the drop-down again and selecting My Documents.

Why am I seeing a limit on the Enterprise plan?

Likewise, Enterprise plans also allow for unlimited documents, but customers might hit an unexpected document limit if they're using their personal plan instead of the Enterprise plan.

To access your Enterprise, please navigate directly to enterprise-name.invisionapp.com. When logging into Craft, please ensure that you're entering your unique Enterprise domain in the Know your team domain? field.

Existing prototypes can be manually transferred from a personal account to the Enterprise at any time. 

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