Who is this Freehand Onboarding for?
  • 30 Jan 2023
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Who is this Freehand Onboarding for?

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Article Summary

This guide is specifically targeted at administrators of Freehand. Administrators are an important component to the success of Freehand. They will ultimately configure, train users, manage the tool and define practices and processes for how it's used.

As mentioned we've built resources to walk through the administrator role and responsibilities. It is important to identify who the admins are and get access to the tool and resources as soon as possible.

Admins will be responsible for a variety of activities in the onboarding and launch Freehand as identified below:



Each of these areas are covered in the following pages of the Freehand Onboarding article.

What makes a good administrator?

We've noticed that the following traits and points make for a good administrator: 

  • Keen on learning and getting involved in new tools/tech
  • Time to dedicate to admin responsibilities
  • Drive to see product adoption & success
  • Likes helping and training users
  • Desire to improve the product
  • Keen understanding of Freehand use cases
  • Freehand enthusiast!

How many administrators should I have?

There is no hard and fasten rule but we can offer the following as a suggestion:

  • In general, we've seen most teams that have around 100 users have at least 3-4 admins.
  • We'd recommend at least 1 admin per business function/unit to manage their specific user access, permissions and create custom templates for that function.

Can I change my administrators?

Yes, you can change your admins and add more administrators later. 

How do I add my administrator?

To learn more about adding admins, read this article.

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