What is the Team plan?
  • 09 Jan 2023
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What is the Team plan?

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Article Summary

The Team plan allows for 5 total members: 1 owner and 4 additional members. The person who purchases the Team plan is the owner. The owner is able to add 4 other members who can create and edit prototypes in the Team account.

Members can:

  • Leave comments
  • Create prototypes (unlike collaborators)
  • Edit and inspect prototypes
  • Add, replace, or delete screens
  • Add or remove hotspots
  • Export prototypes

Once a person is added to the Team account, they’ll be prompted to transfer prototypes from their personal account to the Team account. Prototypes can also be manually transferred.

A member on the Team account maintains their own personal account. However, any prototypes created in or transferred to the Team account belong to the Team plan owner.

When members create new prototypes, they can select whether they want that prototype to live in the Team account or in their personal account. The Team account is selected by default. To learn more, check out this article: How do I create a prototype if I'm on a Team plan?

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