Upload a file to Freehand
  • 22 Mar 2023
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Upload a file to Freehand

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You can upload the following file formats to Freehand:

File typeFile formats
Imagesgif, jpeg, jpg, png, pdf
Presentationsppt, pptx
Tables/spreadsheetscsv, xls, xlsx
Text documentsdoc, docx
VideosYoutube/Vimeo or Loom
ZIP fileszip
Design filessketch, ai, psd
Audio filesmp3, ogg, aac, m4a, and other audio files types
Video filesmp4, mov, and other video files types
Font filesotf, ttf, woff, woff2
Code files*js, html, css, json, ts, and other code files types
When uploading files to a freehand, there is 100 MB file size limit.

*If the code file is under 10 KB, you can edit the code in the Freehand canvas: select the code file you want to edit to open the contextual menu, and then select Enable Code viewer.

Upload a file to Freehand

You can upload a file to Freehand by dragging and dropping it into a freehand or by using the upload icon in the Freehand toolbar.

To upload a file:

  1. Open your freehand.
  2. On the toolbar, select Upload () > Upload
  3. Select the items you want to upload to your freehand, and then select Open.

    Tip: To navigate through the document, select the document and use the left or right arrows above the frame.

If you want to add a Microsoft 365 document to your freehand, you can embed the document by following the steps in this article: Embedding Microsoft 365 documents in Freehand.

Download a file from Freehand

To download files from a freehand:

  1. In your freehand, select the file you want to download. The contextual menu opens.
  2. Select Download.

Extract document pages to Freehand

You can extract a document so all pages appear in the canvas as images. Then, your team can leave comments and reactions on your document.

To extract document pages:

  1. In your freehand, select the document.
  2. In the contextual menu, select Extract pages.

You can double-click one of the pages to jump to it and navigate to the previous/next page using your arrow keys.

TipFor more information on Freehand, check out our product documentation: Intro to Freehand

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