Turn desktop notifications on and off
  • 31 Mar 2023
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Turn desktop notifications on and off

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Article Summary

To ensure you never miss any activity, turn on desktop notifications.

Desktop notifications are turned on and off in your web browser, not Freehand. Depending on your operating system, you may also have to give system-level permission to show notifications.


Chrome alerts you when Freehand wants to send notifications.

For more information on managing notifications in Chrome, read Google's documentation on notifications.


Read Microsoft's documentation on managing notifications.


Read Mozilla's documentation on managing notifications.


Read Apple's documentation on managing notifications in Safari.

Mac OS

If you're usig a Mac, even if you allowed notifications in your browser, your Mac may be blocking them. You have to give permission to the browser in your Mac's system settings.

For instructions on managing notifications, read Apple's documentation on notifications.

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