Sharing prototypes, boards, and freehands in V6
  • 30 Jan 2023
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Sharing prototypes, boards, and freehands in V6

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This article provides answers for InVision V6

To confirm your version, check the upper right corner of your dashboard. On V7? Check out this article instead.

You can create a public share link for your InVision prototypes, freehands, and boards.

Sharing prototypes

To create a URL share or public share link for your prototype:

  1. Sign in to your InVision account and navigate to the Documents page.
  2. Locate the prototype and click the Share button.
  3. Click public share link at the bottom of the modal to copy the link to your clipboard.

People who receive your public share link only have the ability to view, interact (click through), and leave comments on prototypes via that share link and cannot otherwise see the prototype.

They cannot leave comments via the mobile app or via web view from their mobile device at this time.

You also have the option to first adjust default settings for your public share link by clicking Link Settings at the bottom of the modal. Take a deeper dive into the available share settings here.

TipTo hide the InVision logo and UI buttons while viewing a prototype via a share link, the viewer (or presenter) can use this keyboard shortcut: Command + Shift + .

Sharing screens

Find out how to share a specific screen (or screens) here:

Sharing freehands

To share your freehand:

  1. Sign in to your InVision account and navigate to the Documents page.
  2. Open the freehand you want to share.
  3. At the top right of the page, click the Share button.
  4. Click the dropdown arrow and set the permissions to Can edit or Can view only.

    Only the freehand owner can edit share settings.

  5. Click Copy Link.

Freehand link viewers will be listed in the Share modal. Click the dropdown next to their name to change their document permissions or to remove them.

Sharing Enterprise freehands

If you're on the V6 Enterprise plan, the Share modal looks a bit different.

You can add people by name, and click the Settings link to access additional link sharing settings:

  • Anyone with the link
  • Anyone at [your Enterprise] with the link
  • People invited

You can also add password protection for guests accessing these links.


Sharing boards

To create a URL share or public share link for your board:

  1. Navigate to your InVision dashboard and open the board you'd like to share.
  2. Click the Share icon at the top right of your board.
  3. Copy the link to begin sharing with others.

TipTo share a specific item from your board, hover over the item and click the share icon (). You can then copy the URL and share it with others. Anyone accessing that link will only be able to view that specific board item.

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