Sharing Boards
  • 30 Jan 2023
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Sharing Boards

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Article Summary

Sharing your boards

You can share your board as well as specific items on the Board by clicking on the sharing button () in the upper right corner. If sharing the entire board, visitors will be able to view and comment on all items in the Board. If sharing a specific item, they'll only be able to view and comment on that specific item.

When sharing a board, you'll have the option to easily share the Board via social media by clicking the icon for the social media channel you'd like to share the board on.

Password protecting your shared board

By default, sharing a board generates a random alphanumeric URL. The uniqueness of this randomly generated URL helps ensure that unwanted visitors can't stumble upon your board. If you need additional security, you can optionally password protect your Board so that anyone who visits the share link must enter a password. To password protect your board:

  1. Click the settings icon () in the upper right
  2. Toggle "Password-protect board in share links"
  3. Enter the password you'd like to use and click Save to enable password protection for that board

Once enabled, anyone visiting the share link associated with that Board will be prompted to enter the password before they're able to access the board.

Disabling downloads of board content

You may want to share some Boards content (e.g., fonts) but not allow downloads of that content for licensing reasons. You can disable downloads of content from your board by doing the following:

  1. Click the settings icon () in the upper right
  2. Toggle "Disable all downloads for non-collaborators"
  3. Check the types of content for which you'd like to allow downloads:
    • Images
    • Fonts
    • Source Files

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