Share a freehand
  • 10 May 2023
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Share a freehand

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InVision Freehand is the diverse online whiteboard that brings people, tools, and work together in one place.

You can add as many users to a freehand as your plan allows. Up to 250 users can actively view and edit a freehand at the same time.

Invite others to join your freehand with one of the following ways:

Invite people

To invite people to a document:

  1. Open the freehand and, at the top right, select Share.
  2. In the Add people field, enter the name of the person you want to invite and select it from the list that appears.
    Note: If you want to add someone who isn't yet a member of your team, enter their email address.
  3. To the right of the Add people field, open the drop-down and select Can edit or Can review.
  4. Select Invite.
TipIf the person you've invited doesn't accept the invite, you can select Resend invite below the person name in the share modal. They will receive a new invitation to the freehand via email.

Note that if you add someone who isn't a member of your team to a freehand following the steps above, the user is added to your team. If you want to invite external users to a freehand without giving them access to additional documents or adding them to your team, see the section: Share a freehand with external users for a limited period of time.

Once you’ve invited a team member or an external user to a freehand, they need to follow the steps in this article to join the document: How to accept an invitation to join a freehand.

TipIf you want to change the owner of a freehand, read Change ownership of a freehand for more information.

Share a freehand with user groups

Share a Freehand document with existing user groups to bring in collaborators from across your organization.

For information about creating and editing user groups in InVision V7, read Create and edit user groups.

Before you start, make sure you know the names of all the user groups you want to share with. Look up existing user groups in People, under the User Groups tab.

  1. Open the Freehand document.
  2. Select Share.
  3. Enter the names of the user groups.

Document links are the main URLs for prototypes, boards, and freehands.

To share a document link to your freehand:

  1. While viewing the Freehand, navigate to the top-right corner and select Share.
  2. Select who can open the document in the drop-down menu on the left:
    • Anyone with the link. When selecting this option, external users and people without an InVision account can join the freehand as Visitors to edit. See more details here.
    • Members of [your team]
    • Only people invited
  3. Select what they can do in the drop-down menu on the right:
    • Can edit
    • Can comment
  4. Select Copy Link.

You can now send that link to anyone you want to join your freehand.

Once you’ve sent the link to the users you want to join the freehand, they need to follow the steps in this article to join the document: How to accept an invitation to join a freehand.

TipIf you select Anyone with the link and your team has enabled Approved Domains and auto-provisioning via Freehand links, users can join your team via Approved Domains.

Share a freehand with external users for a limited time

You may want to invite external users to a freehand without giving them access to more documents or adding them to your team (for example, if you’re running a workshop, for job interviews, or industry conferences). You have the option to invite them as visitors so they can edit the freehand for 7 days.

Warning: Sharing a freehand with external users is a great way to share non-private documents with people outside your team or organization. Still, you may need to maintain specific company security standards and have additional control over who can view and edit your team freehands. For more information about security when sharing freehands with external users, read Security considerations when sharing a freehand with external users.

To share a freehand for a limited time:

  1. While viewing the freehand, navigate to the top-right corner and select Share.
  2. In the drop-down menus, select:
    • Anyone with the link
    • Can edit
  3. Select Copy Link.

When you send the link to users who aren't members of your team, they’ll see the option Join to collaborate at the top right corner. To access the freehand and start collaborating in the freehand, external users will need to follow the steps below.

Note: If you only allow users to sign in to your team account using SSO, external users can access the freehand as visitors with the Join to collaborate option.

To access and edit a freehand for a limited time as a visitor:

  1. Navigate to the document link you’ve received—see more details in the steps above.
  2. Select Join to collaborate.
  3. Enter your name and email address and select Continue as visitor.
  4. You receive an email inviting you to collaborate on the freehand. Open the email and select Activate Your 7-Day Access to access and edit the Freehand for a limited time.
To access and edit the freehand, Visitors need to access the document using the link they receive via email.

You can see the users that joined as visitors in the People page, in the Visitors tab. In that page, you can also check the users status and the expiration date of their access. It’s not possible to view the freehands these visitors have accessed or edited.


When the temporary access to the freehand expires, visitors will be able to use the document link to view the freehand, export it, and add reactions, but they won’t be able to edit it. If visitors need to edit the freehand after their access expires, add them to your team.

Once visitors' temporary access expires, you can still invite them as visitors to a different Freehand document in your account. They will receive the same limited access to the new freehand.

To learn more about the Visitor role, read InVision V7 user roles.

Remove a user from a freehand

Read Remove a user from a document in InVision V7 for more details on how to remove users from your freehands.

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