Publishing Storybook to DSM
  • 03 Feb 2023
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Publishing Storybook to DSM

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The Live Components feature is currently limited to Enterprise users on a DSM Enterprise plan. Learn more about DSM Enterprise.

The last step in creating Live Components is publishing your Storybook story to DSM.

Previewing stories

Preview enables you to view your documentation stories before uploading them to DSM. It starts a local instance of Storybook with a source-code addon to preview stories and sample code snippets. To create a preview, run the following command in your development environment:

npm run dsm-storybook:preview
TipIf you want to preview components in DSM rather than Storybook, you can create a design system in DSM to be used for test purposes. Add a component to the test design system, and publish your story to that test component. If everything works in your test system, you can publish the story again to your production system.

Publishing stories to DSM

Publish mode builds your Storybook project and creates the production Storybook bundle. The bundle is then uploaded and hosted in the DSM cloud.

To publish, run the following command in your development environment:

npm run dsm-storybook:publish

After publishing to DSM, you can view the live components on the DSM documentation site, including any Storybook addons. Viewers will be able to interact with the components to see how they respond in a live environment.

Example user interacting with the Storybook Knobs addon for a live component in DSM.

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