Private Cloud user guide
  • 03 Feb 2023
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Private Cloud user guide

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Private Cloud is an advanced security offering for InVision Enterprise. With Private Cloud, all of your company’s assets are completely isolated from the rest of InVision’s customers. As a result, you’ll need to be aware of some important changes to your InVision workflows.

Signing in to Private Cloud

As Private Cloud is a completely separate instance of InVision, there are different ways to sign in to your account:

  • Web: Sign in directly to your team’s unique domain and bookmark your domain for easy future access. Here's an example:
  • Mobile: In the InVision iOS app, enter your team’s unique domain and sign in with your Private Cloud username and password.
  • Craft Sync: Click the Know your team domain? link and enter your team domain. Learn more in the section below.

Craft Sync

Craft Sync is the recommended tool for uploading and syncing prototypes to InVision Private Cloud. Ensure that you have Craft installed on your machine and connect to your InVision account via Craft Sync.

Private Cloud users can sign in to Craft Sync in Photoshop using SAML SSO.

To connect Craft Sync to your Private Cloud account:

  1. In the Mac menu bar, click the Craft icon (Craft Manager icon).
  2. At the top left of the modal, open the Prototypes tab (if necessary), and then click the Sign In button.

    Your browser will open the InVision sign-in page.

  3. Below the Email address field, click Know your team domain?
  4. In the Team domain field, enter your team's unique domain—e.g.,—and click Continue.
  5. Enter your email address and password, and click Sign In.

    You should see this message: You have successfully signed in to InVision.

  6. If you're not returned to Craft Manager once you see the message "You have successfully signed in to InVision," click Open Craft Manager.
Clicking a prototype in the list that appears after signing in will open it in InVision. To publish changes to a prototype, use the Craft Sync tool in Sketch or Photoshop.
Steps to sign in to Craft Manager using an unique team domain

If you have any trouble downloading Craft or connecting through Craft Sync, you may need to contact your IT Administrator for help with your installation and to ensure Craft Sync is allowlisted within your company’s firewall.

Transferring prototypes

Prototype migrations for Private Cloud do not include comments, history, share links, or collaborators. That being said, if you need to transfer a prototype to or from a Private Cloud instance, please contact InVision Support.

Feature limitations

Please note: Although Studio prototypes are fully supported within Private Cloud, the migration of Studio prototypes during the initial transition to Private Cloud is not yet fully supported.

If you require access to existing Studio prototypes, please contact your company’s InVision administrator before moving to Private Cloud.

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