Planning and ideation
  • 16 Aug 2023
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Planning and ideation

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Freehand is an infinite digital whiteboard with the tools you need to kick off your project. Freehand’s templates and add-ons help facilitate ideation and brainstorming sessions, sprint planning, and retrospectives. You can also connect the tools your team is already using to streamline collaboration from the beginning of your project.

Ideation and brainstorming sessions

When it’s time to bring your team together for ideation or brainstorming sessions, Freehand templates help you focus on your goals and keep the ideas flowing with structured activities. Templates offer a pre-built layout so you can jump right into your session. Some examples of ideation and brainstorming templates are:

Browse the Freehand template gallery by category to find the template that best fits you and your team’s needs.

Freehand add-ons provide additional functionality and interactivity. Use add-ons to boost your team’s collaboration and make your sessions more fun and productive:

  • Keep your team engaged and focused with the Timer.
  • Vote on designs and ideas with This or That and the Poll add-ons.
  • Use the Spinner for a quick and fun way to choose someone from your team.

As your team moves from brainstorming to more structured ideas, use the Wireframe add-on to iterate on initial designs. You can also embed your prototypes into Freehand from InVision, Figma, and Adobe XD and import screens directly from Sketch using Craft. Don't forget to gather feedback from different stakeholders using sticky notes, cards and comments.

Freehand makes it easy to transition from kick off to specific action items, making planning and project management easier.

Planning and Agile project management

After a productive collaborative session, it’s time to organize all the ideas, priorities, and feedback you’ve gathered to start planning your next steps. Now is when cards and boards come in handy, bringing structure and organization to all those ideas. Additionally, the Feature Planning and Product Roadmap templates help you define your process, align all teams involved in a project, and track progress.

If you’re following Agile processes, there are multiple templates to prioritize tasks and run your sprint planning meetings and retrospectives. View the following Agile templates created by InVision and Atlassian:

With the Jira, Asana, Azure DevOps, and Trello add-ons, you can import your epics and stories into Freehand for collaborative sprint planning, estimation, and backlog grooming. Don't forget that you can embed documents from other tools, such as Google, to bring together all your project items in Freehand. With all your tools and information centralized in Freehand, you can run more inclusive and collaborative sessions and manage projects across your organization.

Our list of templates and add-ons is always growing, so keep an eye on our release notes.

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