Naming convention best practices
  • 31 Jan 2023
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Naming convention best practices

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Article Summary

When thinking about your naming convention and working with your development team to establish a shared vocabulary for your components, consider these best practices.

Existing Component Auditing

Conduct a naming audit of design patterns and their coded component counterparts, then document any differences in terminology

(e.g. input or a form-field? Primary or default? Resting or inactive?)

Contextual Naming

When determining a name, focus on the element’s role/use within the system, not what it looks like

(e.g. brand/primary versus brand/pink)

Don’t Over-index

Avoid using numbers to index when possible

(e.g. button-1)

Get Atomic / Scientific

Follow the atomic or scientific methodology in setting up your naming convention structure

(i.e. think of categories that follow a set order of operations)

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