Mention users in Freehand
  • 20 Jan 2023
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Mention users in Freehand

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This article provides answers for InVision V7

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Freehand brings together people, tools, and work all in one place. Whether you're collaborating cross-functionally, working with external clients, or operating in a hybrid environment, communication is the key to successful projects.

Freehand offers lots of ways to mention users. Mentions trigger notifications within Freehand, via email, or even in Slack. Connect all your teams and keep the conversation going.

How to mention a user

Mention users by typing @ and the name of the user you want to mention. A dropdown list open. Select the user from the dropdown list.

When you mention a user, they receive a notification by email, in the inbox, and by Slack (if they've installed the InVision app in Slack).

Mention in comments

Mention users in comments. For more information about commenting, read Commenting in Freehand.

Mention in sticky notes

Teams love using sticky notes to leave thoughts and comments on projects. Sticky notes support @mentioning any user on your team. For more information about sticky notes, read Freehand tools.

Mention in pages

Pages are a great way to take notes, record decisions, and develop action items. Mention users within a page to make it clear who's responsible for what. For more information about Pages, read Pages in Freehand.

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