Intelligent canvas concepts
  • 20 Apr 2023
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Intelligent canvas concepts

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Smart objects

Objects on the Freehand canvas are smart.

What does smart mean? Much like your smartphone, smartwatch, smart TV, and all the other smart things in our world, it means the objects connect to each other.

By connecting, smart objects share information. By sharing information, the smart objects perform certain tasks automatically, saving you time and effort.

Smart objects are located in theExplore menu in the Freehand toolbar.

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Kits are sets of connected smart objects that perform certain tasks automatically. Use kits to save time and effort in your sprint planning or brainstorming sessions, and to run quick and fun icebreaker activities.

Select Explore > Kits in the Freehand toolbar to view all available kits.

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Bidirectional integrations

Freehand's bidirectional integrations send data back and forth with third-party tools, keeping everything in sync automatically.

After a great planning or brainstorming session, you and your team might have updated a lot of task cards. Whether your project management tool is Jira, Trello, Asana, or Azure DevOps, you'll no longer need to complete tedious manual updates to keep your tools in sync. If you've assigned people to cards on your canvas, that information is pushed back to Jira. If you're estimated and added story points, that also updates. 

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