How do I customize the branding on my prototypes?
  • 20 Jan 2023
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How do I customize the branding on my prototypes?

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With InVision V6 Enterprise, you can create custom branding for viewing share links associated with your Enterprise prototypes and hide the InVision logo from your prototypes share links.

Your custom branding will not appear anywhere else in the product. To set a logo for your Enterprise sign-in page, check out this article: Can I set a custom logo for my Enterprise sign-in page?

To make these changes, you must be an admin on the Enterprise account.

To hide the InVision logo and customize the branding for prototype share links:

  1. Sign in to your Enterprise account and, at the top of the page, click People.
  2. Click the More menu (•••)  and then click Company Profile.
  3. Click Customize your share links.
  4. Next to Hide "Made in InVision" watermark, toggle the switch on.
    Note: This will remove the InVision logo from prototypes share links.
  5. Next to Enable custom branding, toggle the switch on.
  6. Enter the codes for your text color, background color, spinner color, and spinner background color.
  7. Enter the text you want to appear on the loading screen.
  8. Click the Change Logo button and select your custom logo.
    We recommend a PNG, JPG, or GIF that is 496x496 pixels.
  9. To preview your custom branding, click Preview Settings.
  10. If you're satisfied with the new branding, click Save Settings.
    Note: If you want to start over, navigate to the top and click reset to defaults.

To view the new branding, open or reload any of your Enterprise prototype share links.

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