Get started with your New InVision workspace
  • 31 May 2023
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Get started with your New InVision workspace

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Article Summary

NoteThis article provides answers for Free, Starter, Professional, and Team plan users. If you’re on an Enterprise plan and are updating to the new InVision, check out this guide.

Creating a team in the New InVision (V7) lets you experience the new InVision workspace. It has a fresh new look, advanced organization features, and expanded collaboration capabilities to build better products even faster.

This guide provides information about:

How to create a team in the New InVision from your V6 account

If you want to start using the New InVision, you can create a new team associated with the same email address associated with your V6 InVision account.

  1. Navigate to this URL.
  2. Enter the email address associated with your V6 InVision account and password and select Sign in.
  3. Enter a team name and domain.
  4. Select Create team.

What does this mean for your V6 InVision experience?

You now have access to different workspaces in InVision associated with your email address: your V6 InVision account and your New InVision workspace (V7).

Existing documents in your V6 account

Your existing V6 documents aren't compatible with the New InVision experience, and it's not possible to transfer documents between V6 and V7 accounts. If you start documents in your new team workspace, you won’t be able to transfer them to your V6 account, and you can’t move your existing V6 documents to your new V7 account.

That said, you can recreate your V6 documents in your New InVision workspace (V7):

  • Prototypes. Export your V6 prototypes and upload the screens image files to a prototype in your New InVision workspace. Learn more here: Exporting prototypes and screens.
    You can also copy V6 prototypes to your V7 team by following the steps in this article: Copy a V6 prototype to a V7 team.
  • Freehands. Export a freehand as an image, or copy and paste the contents of a V6 freehand into a freehand in your New InVision workspace. Learn more here: Exporting a freehand.
  • Boards. Export all items in a V6 board as a ZIP file and upload them to a board in your New InVision workspace. Learn more here: Exporting board items.
TipOnce you've set up your team in the New InVision, you can embed fully functional InVision prototypes directly into your Freehand documents
You can also import your boards from Miro or Mural into Freehand, making the transition to Freehand painless.


It's not possible to migrate your current V6 plan to the New InVision. You can still upgrade your V6 account or change to a different plan. You can also choose to downgrade your V6 plan to the Free plan and upgrade to any of the V7 plans in your new workspace.

You can learn more about the New InVision plans in this article.

NoteIf you cancel your V6 subscription, you will continue to have access to all the features associated with your paid plan in InVision V6 until the end of your current billing period. When the billing period ends, you will be automatically downgraded to the Free plan.

Once in the Free plan, all but one prototypes will be locked—since the Free plan only allows one active prototype—, but all documents will remain in the account. If you decide to upgrade your account later, the locked prototypes will become available again.

Setting up your team in the New InVision

Now that you have access to your New InVision workspace, you can start making it your own.

To customize your team icon and URL, along with more settings to fine-tune your experience, read this article: InVision V7 team settings.

Collaborators and pending invites in your V6 account won't be carried over. To start inviting people to your New InVision team, read this article: Adding and removing users in an InVision V7 team.

Note that all InVision V7 accounts require a team. This allow users to make the most of InVision’s collaborative features right from the start. That said, you don't have to use any of the team features, and you can still be the only user on the account.

Switching between your accounts

Once you’ve created a New InVision team, you can access both your V6 and New InVision accounts and switch between them to work across both experiences.

To switch to your V6 team while working in the New InVision:

  1. In the lower-left corner, click the [Your Team Name] dropdown.
  2. Click Switch teams.
  3. Next to your V6 team, click Select.
    Note: Your V6 team is listed as Personal,
  4. If prompted, enter your username and password.

To switch to your New InVision workspace while working in V6:

  1. At the top-right of the home page, next to your name, click Switch to the New InVision.
  2. In the team launcher screen, click Select next to your new team.

You can also switch teams by clicking the dropdown My Documents and selecting View your teams, under “Teams in the new InVision.”

TipYou also have the option to sign in directly to your New InVision team by navigating to your unique InVision team domain:

If you’d like to share feedback or report any issues with the New InVision, please contact InVision Support.

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