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  • 10 May 2023
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Freehand AI

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Bring the power of AI to Freehand with Freehand AI! Use Freehand AI to synthesize brainstorms, generate tasks, write product briefs, and more. Define your own custom prompt and go from messy to structured in almost no time.

Beta service

Freehand AI is a beta service powered by OpenAI, a third-party service. As a result, Freehand AI may produce incorrect, biased, or outdated information. Always check and confirm your results when using Freehand AI.

InVision is not responsible for the use of third-party services. For more information on beta and third-party services, read InVision's terms of service.

Add a smart object to the canvas

Smart objects are located in the Explore menu.

  1. In the toolbar, select Explore.
  2. Scroll or search to find the object you want.
  3. Drag and drop the object onto the canvas, or select it once to add it in the center.
On your keyboard, enter / and type the name of any object to find it faster.

Configure Freehand AI

Once you've added Freehand AI to your freehand, configure it to meet your needs.

  1. Add the smart object to the canvas.
  2. Select the object, and in the contextual menu, select image Configure. The configuration panel opens.

Freehand AI provides a selection of actions, and allows you to write a custom prompt. Once you've chosen an action, you'll choose the object that contains the information you want Freehand AI to use (the input object), and the object you want Freehand AI to generate its response in (the output object).

Name the objects you plan to use

Naming the objects you plan to use for the input and output makes them easier to find in the Freehand AI configuration menus.

Supported smart objects and actions

The following smart objects and actions work with Freehand AI.

Freehand AI actionInput objectOutput objectResult
Generate tasksFramesBoardGenerates tasks on the board based on the sticky notes, text, and cards inside a frame, ensuring there are no duplicates
Write a product briefFramesPageWrites a product brief based on the sticky notes, text, and cards inside specified frames
Write a blog postFramesPageWrites a blog post based on the sticky notes, text, and cards inside specified frames
Write a press releaseFramesPageWrites a press release based on the sticky notes, text, and cards inside specified frames
Respond to a custom promptFramesPageGenerates text based on either a custom prompt or sticky notes, text, and card content inside specified frames

Use Freehand AI from the contextual menu

You can also access Freehand AI from the contextual menu of various smart objects. The following table outlines the available contextual actions.

Selected objectFreehand AI actionOutput objectResult
Cards, sticky notes, or textSummarizePageWrites a brief synthesis on a page based on the selected sticky notes, text, and cards
Sticky noteGroup by sentimentSticky notesOrganizes sticky notes into sentiment groups
Sticky noteGenerate ideasSticky notesGenerates sticky notes with new ideas related to the selected sticky notes
Sticky noteGenerate questionsSticky notesGenerates sticky notes with new questions related to the selected sticky notes
Sticky noteWrite codeCode snippetWrites code in a code snippet beside the sticky note
Code snippetExplain codeTextWrites an explanation of the code beside the code snippet

Turn Freehand AI on and off

Team admins or owners can turn Freehand AI on and off. When turned off, no one on the team can submit requests to or receive responses from Freehand AI.

  1. Select the team tray > Manage Integrations.
  2. Find the integration you wish to manage.
  3. To the far right of the integration's row, select ••• More and choose to either:
    • Disable access
    • Approve access

Plan limits with Freehand AI

To ensure the smoothest experience for everyone, use of Freehand AI is limited based on plan. We will evaluate increases to these limits over time.

  • Free plan: 10 complimentary responses for the lifetime of the account. Once that limit is reached, upgrade to a paid plan for more responses.
  • Pro plan: 10 complimentary responses per user per month.
  • Enterprise plan: 20 complimentary responses per user per month.

In addition to the plan limits, account-level caps may be imposed to limit abuse and ensure fair usage.

To see how many complimentary responses you have remaining, go to Apps and look at the Freehand AI tile.

To get more responses, an admin can add their own OpenAI API key to Freehand. For more information on adding your own API key, read the following section Get more responses.

Get more responses with your own OpenAI key

People who would like more responses from Freehand AI can add their own OpenAI API key to their Freehand account. Once you've added your own key, you can set up usage limits with OpenAI to control your costs.

Admin access required to add API key

Only an admin can add an OpenAI API key.

  1. Create an account on OpenAI.
  2. From your OpenAI account, generate a secret key.
  3. Copy the secret key.
Keep your key safe

You won't see the full API key again. Make sure you copy it and have it available to add to Freehand.

Now, switch to Freehand.

  1. Select the team tray > Manage integrations.
  2. Find Freehand AI and select ••• More > Configure.
  3. In the API key field, paste the secret key.
  4. Select Save.

Freehand AI and privacy

As always, InVision is mindful of the privacy and security of our users’ data. To that end, InVision will never authorize OpenAI to use your content to train their model. OpenAI's legal terms promise they will not train their model with an organization's data unless the organization opts in directly with them. Please keep in mind that personal data provided to OpenAI via Freehand AI is subject to OpenAI’s privacy policy.

Users may provide content input to be processed by Freehand AI, and receive content output generated and returned by Freehand AI. Content shared between InVision and the user is Customer Data under our terms of service, but users should understand the way OpenAI treats input and output as described in its terms of use and other legal policies.

If you wish to know more about OpenAI's security practices and compliance, visit OpenAI's security portal.


What is Freehand AI?

We built Freehand AI to reduce repeatable steps and speed up processes, helping distill messy ideas, notes, and data into a structured, actionable synthesis in a matter of seconds. It can also generate new content to help get to a starting point faster.

With InVision-made and custom Freehand AI–enabled smart workflows, workflow owners can develop and deploy more efficient processes for their team, saving them weeks on synthesis and inspiring better results than their team would have been able to create on their own.

For IT departments, Freehand AI helps increase return on investment on tooling investment by driving productivity through automation of time-consuming tasks, with InVision as a thoughtful partner around AI deployment.

How is Freehand AI different from other tools?

AI becomes more useful when integrated into the place you’re already doing your messy and structured work. Freehand AI is built into Freehand’s intelligent canvas and uniquely enhances Freehand’s existing smart workflows to greatly reduce steps and speed up all processes. It continues to bridge the gap between unstructured and structured work, add intelligence and automation for each step, and accelerate synthesis, making every member of your team even more productive.

How does Freehand AI work?
Freehand AI uses OpenAI machine learning models that are trained on a vast amount of data throughout the web. OpenAI uses these models along with your inputs to generate content –like written documents, stickies, tasks, and code snippets–on the Freehand canvas. Your data is not used to train these models and we’ll never make it available to others on the web. To learn more about data security, see the privacy section

Why is Freehand AI in beta?

The entire generative AI space is new and experimentation will be needed to get things right. While we believe Freehand AI can make valuable improvements to your workflow in its current state, it is in beta while we gain valuable feedback to improve Freehand AI.

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