Embed Microsoft 365 documents in Freehand
  • 04 May 2023
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Embed Microsoft 365 documents in Freehand

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Article summary

Embed Microsoft 365 documents directly into your freehand. This feature allows you to add a preview of Microsoft 365 documents to the freehand canvas so that your team can review them and provide feedback, saving you and your team the time spent referencing documents across multiple browser tabs.

Currently, the Microsoft 365 add-on only supports documents from SharePoint with link settings set to Anyone with the link.

You can add the following Microsoft 365 documents to Freehand:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Microsoft Forms

Embed Microsoft 365 documents in Freehand

To embed a Microsoft 365 document into a freehand:

  1. In Sharepoint, copy the link from the Microsoft 365 document you want to embed.
    Note: To ensure that all users can preview the document in Freehand, make sure to use the option Share by using “Copy link” described here and the link setting Anyone with the link.
  2. Open your freehand.
  3. On the bottom toolbar, click the More tools menu icon (•••) and select Microsoft 365.
  4. Paste the link, and click Embed.
  5. Resize the embedded document, if desired.

Interact with Microsoft 365 documents in Freehand

If you embed a Powerpoint presentation, you can view it by hovering over the frame and clicking View presentation.

You can copy text from an embedded Microsoft 365 document and paste it in the freehand canvas. To edit the document, you’ll need to access the original document in SharePoint. To access the original document, select the document in Freehand to open the contextual menu and click the Open in new tab icon (open link in new tab).

Note: If you update the original Microsoft 365 document, you need to refresh the freehand to view the changes reflected in the embedded document.

If you don’t have access to the original document in Sharepoint—this normally happens when a document is shared where you likely don’t need the ability to edit the original—you can still  upload the file to Freehand.

You can also embed Microsoft 365 documents in Freehand using the Embed tool.

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