Create this or that polls in Freehand
  • 23 Jan 2023
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Create this or that polls in Freehand

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Use the This or That add-on to get a quick decision between two options. Looking to choose a team bonding activity? Vote on a design? Use this or that to get the answers you need.

If you need a poll with more than two answer options, use the Poll add-on instead.

Add a poll to your freehand

You'll first insert the poll into your freehand.

  1. Open the freehand you wish to create a poll in.
  2. On the toolbar, click ••• More tools.
  3. Scroll or search in the menu to find and select This or That.
  4. Click on the canvas where you want to insert the poll

A placeholder version of the poll appears where you clicked.

Edit the poll

Edit the placeholder poll for your situation.

  1. Click into the placeholder Option A box. The placeholder text automatically disappears.
  2. Enter the first option.
  3. Click into the Option B box.
  4. Enter the second option.
  5. Use the color selector above the this or that poll to choose a color if you wish.
  6. Click Publish poll.

Once published, you can't edit or change the answer options. You can drag the poll around the canvas or change its color.

Everyone who visits the freehand can see the poll and cast their vote.

Send collaborators directly to the poll

When someone joins a freehand, you can ensure they're directed right to your poll or other add-on by using its deep link. A deep link is a link that goes directly to a specific element.

  1. Click the poll.
  2. In the contextual menu, click ••• More > Copy link.
  3. Share the link.

When someone follows a deep link, their canvas will zoom in and focus on the poll when they visit the freehand.

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