Create a chart in Freehand
  • 23 Jan 2023
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Create a chart in Freehand

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Use the Chart add-on to create custom bar charts, pie charts, and line charts in Freehand. Charts make it easier to visualize numbers and consume data.

Add a chart to your freehand

You'll first insert the chart into your freehand.

  1. Open the freehand you wish to add a chart to.
  2. On the toolbar, select ••• More tools.
  3. Scroll or search in the menu to find and select Chart.
  4. Select the canvas where you want to insert the chart.

A placeholder bar chart appears in the freehand. You can now edit the placeholder chart to suit your needs.

Change the chart type

To change the chart type, select the chart to make its contextual menu appear. Select Type and choose your desired chart.

When changing types, the chart retains all the information you've entered.

Edit a chart

Edit the values and labels of the placeholder chart to customize it for your needs.

  1. Select the chart.
  2. In the contextual menu, select Edit. The edit chart side panel opens.
  3. Select each label and value field to update them as necessary. The chart dynamically updates with each change.
  4. To add another line of data, select + Add new row.
  5. To remove a line of data, select the minus symbol.
  6. When you're done editing the chart, select to close the edit side panel.

To change the color of the chart:

  1. Select the chart.
  2. In the contextual menu, select Color and select a color.

Send collaborators directly to the chart

When someone views a freehand, you can ensure they're directed right to your chart or other add-on by using its deep link. A deep link goes directly to a specific element.

  1. Select the chart.
  2. In the contextual menu, select ••• More > Copy link.
  3. Share the link.

When someone follows a deep link, their canvas zooms in and focuses on the chart.

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