Copy a V6 prototype to a V7 team
  • 22 Mar 2024
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Copy a V6 prototype to a V7 team

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Article Summary

This article applies to InVision V6 customers who are in the process of updating to InVision V7.

If you still have prototypes in your InVision V6 account that you’d like to keep working on after updating to InVision V7, you can copy them to one of your V7 teams.

Before you start

  • It's not possible to copy prototypes in bulk. If you have multiple prototypes you’d like to copy to V7, you need to repeat the steps below for each prototype.
  • Copying a prototype from V6 to V7 only carries over active prototype screens, any existing hotspots, and sections. The original comments, Inspect data, screen history, archived screens, share links, and collaborators will not be available in the V7 copy.

To learn how to get the share link for one of your V6 prototypes, read this article: Sharing prototypes, boards, and freehands.

Note that the share link settings you enable have an impact when copying the screens:

  • If you want to copy all prototype screens, we recommend enabling the option Allow access to all screens. If this option is turned off, only the screens that are accessible with hotspots from the landing screen will be copied.
  • If your prototype is password-protected, you’ll be prompted to enter the password before importing.

Copying a V6 prototype to a V7 team

  1. Sign in to your V7 team.
  2. Navigate to the URL:
  3. In the Link field, paste the share link for the V6 prototype. If your prototype is password-protected, you must enter the password for the prototype.
  4. Select Add. You see a preview of your prototype screens.
  5. Confirm if you want to copy the existing hotspots. The option to Import hotspots is selected by default.
  6. Once you’re ready, select Start import.
  7. Once the import process finishes, select View prototype or Import another prototype.

To learn how to interact with your prototype in V7, read Intro to building documents in InVision V7.

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