Convert Craft prototypes to Sketch native prototyping
  • 27 Jan 2023
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Convert Craft prototypes to Sketch native prototyping

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Article Summary

Sketch's native prototyping has replaced the Craft prototyping plug-in. Any Sketch file created with the Craft prototyping plug-in needs to be converted to Sketch native prototyping. Conversion occurs once per Sketch file.

WarningYou must have Sketch version 90 for its native prototyping to work.

Convert prototypes to Sketch interactions

Conversion occurs when you sync a Sketch file.

  1. Sync the Sketch file. A conversion dialog appears.
  2. Click Continue. The file converts.
  3. Click Done.

Your Sketch file now uses Sketch native prototyping.

Use InVision transitions in Sketch

While Sketch has several of the most common transition types available, there are some transitions Sketch doesn't support.

To use InVision transitions:

  1. Create your prototype interaction as you always have.
  2. Below Sketch’s native transition types, select InVision Hotspot Settings. A modal with InVision interactions opens.
  3. Select from the InVision settings.
  4. Click Save.

Learn Sketch prototyping

While Sketch's native prototyping is similar to Craft prototyping, there are some differences. Read Sketch's documentation on prototyping to learn more.

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