V6: Can I search for documents in InVision?
  • 06 Jan 2023
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V6: Can I search for documents in InVision?

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Article Summary

To search for a specific prototype, freehand, or board:

  1. Sign in to InVision and open the Documents page.
  2. Above the document thumbnails, on the left side, click the Search (invision-search-icon.png) icon.
  3. Enter the document name.

Your results will include all documents that contain your search term in the name.


You can also effortlessly jump between pages and documents using the Command center. To open it, press Cmd + K (on macOS) or Ctrl + K (on Windows).


If you're trying to access a password-protected share link in your account, but you don't remember the password or the name of the prototype, you can search for the prototype using the share link:

  1. Sign in to InVision and at the top of the page, hover over Search.
  2. Next to Prototypes, select Share links.
  3. Copy the share link in the Search field and click Search.
  4. Click the prototype that appears in the results.
    The share settings page for the selected prototype will open.
  5. You can locate the password on the share settings page, under Security.


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