Billing for InVision V7 users on an annual plan
  • 09 Oct 2023
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Billing for InVision V7 users on an annual plan

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This article provides answers for InVision V7. If you're on InVision V6, read this article instead. Not sure which version you're using? Find out now.

With InVision V7, you can sign up for monthly or annual billing. If you choose the annual plan, you’ll save 20% for committing to a 12-month term.

Before committing to an annual plan, it’s important to understand how adding and removing users affects billing.

If you add active users to the team after starting the annual plan, you’ll receive an additional charge at the end of the current monthly cycle. Note that this happens on the same day of the month that the plan was purchased. For example, if you purchase an annual plan on July 7 and add active users during the remainder of July, you’ll be charged for those users on August 7.

InVision calculates the charge using this formula:

number of new users
x months remaining
x price per active user
= additional charge

If you remove an active user, an open seat will remain on your plan. You can add a new user to fill that open seat, but InVision can’t offer a refund for a previously purchased seat.

For example:

Tori buys an annual plan (12 months) for 11 users. During the third month, Tori adds Jon and now has 12 active users. At the end of the third month, Tori is charged for 1 user x 10 months. If Tori removes original user Sam in the fifth month, nothing is charged or refunded at the end of that month. The seat remains open, and Tori can add another user at any point during the plan year.

If you have additional billing questions, please contact InVision Support.

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