Attach InVision prototypes and freehands to Jira Server and Data Center
  • 08 May 2023
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Attach InVision prototypes and freehands to Jira Server and Data Center

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With InVision for Jira Server and Data Center, you can preview, comment on, and inspect prototypes and freehands—all without ever leaving Jira. InVision for Jira works for all major versions of Jira that Atlassian supports.

Install the InVision app in Jira

First you'll install the InVision for Jira app in your Jira instance. 

To install the app, you must have Jira admin privileges.
  1. Go to the Atlassian Marketplace.
  2. Search for InVision for Jira and install it.

For more information, read Atlassian's documentation on installing marketplace apps.

Configure the InVision app in Jira

You can control which Jira projects can use the InVision app.

To configure the app, you must have Jira admin privileges.
  1. At the top right of your Jira homepage, select your profile icon, and then select Atlassian Marketplace.
  2. In the left-hand navigation, select Manage apps.
  3. Expand the InVision for Jira app and select Configure.
  4. Check the box Limit to Projects, and then select the projects where you want to use InVision.
  5. Select Save.
Currently, it’s not possible to limit by issue type or other conditions.

Attach a prototype or freehand

You can attach any number of public prototypes and Freehand documents to Jira issues.

Currently, it's not possible to attach password-protected prototypes.
  1. Open your prototype or freehand in InVision and create a public share link.

    The steps to create the share URL will depend on the version of InVision you're using. Not sure which version you're using? Find out here.

  2. Navigate to your Jira issue and, under the InVision section, paste the share URL.
  3. Select Attach.

An interactive preview of your prototype or freehand appears.

Tip: If you encounter an error message, it’s likely due to a permissions issue. For more information, read Why can't I link my prototype via InVision for Jira?

Interact with a freehand

After you attach a freehand, a thumbnail image appears on the issue. Any changes made to the freehand in Jira automatically appear in InVision; any changes made in InVision appear in Jira.

Select the freehand thumbnail to open the freehand. All the normal Freehand tools work, allowing you to collaborate or ideate on the fly without leaving Jira.

Interact with a prototype

After you attach a prototype, a thumbnail image appears. Any time you make changes to the prototype in InVision, the changes will appear in Jira.

To preview all screens in the prototype, select the thumbnail image. Alternately, navigate to the top right of the image and select the expand button (jira-expand-icon.png). If you want to comment on or inspect the prototype, you will need to be signed in to your InVision account. The sign-in modal will appear as a separate pop-up window, so please ensure that pop-ups are allowed. To preview without commenting or inspecting capabilities, select Continue as guest.

If you're using InVision V6, you won't be able to view, inspect, or comment on standard prototypes within Jira. Instead, select the name of the prototype, and InVision Cloud will open in a new browser window.

To close the prototype, navigate to the top right and select the X button.

If you are unfamiliar with Inspect or commenting features with InVision Cloud, check out these articles:

Remove a prototype or freehand

To remove a prototype or freehand from your Jira issue, navigate to the top right of the thumbnail, and select the disconnect button (disconnect-icon.png).

Known limitations

There are currently a few known limitations for the InVision for Jira Server and Data Center apps:

  • The app requires internet access to reach InVision servers.
  • For optimum performance, Jira Server and Data Center should have SSL configured.

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