Add Unsplash images to Freehand
  • 23 Jan 2023
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Add Unsplash images to Freehand

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Article Summary

With the Unsplash add-on, you can add high-quality stock images from Unsplash to your Freehand canvas.

Add an image from Unsplash

To add an image from Unsplash to Freehand:

  1. Open your freehand.
  2. On the bottom toolbar, click More tools (•••) and select Unsplash. The Unsplash modal opens.
  3. Drag the image you want to add into your Freehand canvas. You can also double-click the desired image in the Unsplash modal to add it in the center of your Freehand canvas.

You can use the Search field to search for specific images.

Edit, copy, delete, or duplicate an image

When selecting an Unsplash image in your Freehand canvas, the contextual menu will open. In that menu, you can select the following options:

  • Size: resize the image to 50% or 100%.
  • Border: add a solid border or shadow to your image.
  • Download: download the image.
  • Lock image (): lock the image to prevent other collaborators from moving or editing it.
  • More menu:
    • Copy link (to the image in Freehand)
    • Bring to front
    • Send to back
    • Copy
    • Delete
    • Duplicate

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