Activity: Support page
  • 31 Jan 2023
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Activity: Support page

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Article Summary

Having a means of communication with those physically managing the design system ensures all feel there is an open communication channel to make suggestions and feedback.


  • Designer
  • Developer
  • Other relevant stakeholders


  1. Create a "Support page" within DSM to surface the details of the release processes and long-term maintenance of the system.
  2. Think about documenting not only what the general process is, but who to contact with questions, and how the support/bug submission process is set up.

What You Should Know

Define the needs. Think about all the types of support you will need to cover. Technical support around the tooling, support around components usage, component bugs and process questions.

To see how other customers have created their support pages, click here and scroll down to "See InVision DSM in action". Then click on any of the company logos to view the public DSM site.

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